Education Choices

Our oldest daughter just turned 5 this year (how did the time pass so quickly?). She is officially starting school this year. 

We have prayerfully decided, for our own family, that it is best for us to homeschool. While we feel like this is the best method of education for our daughter this year, we also have embraced the reality that she is a SOCIAL BUTTERFLY (and I mean, the no fear kind of social). So, we will be homeschooling for all of the core subjects, and she will be attending a local private school for all of her "elective" subjects. 

We are very excited, as well as slightly intimidated, and always amazed at the ways in which God has moved us in this direction. He has opened doors that I never thought (nor did I want to think) would be opened. (I.E. she will be going part-time to a different school than I  had planned for her to, however this school is clearly the place that God has planned for her to go). 

So, if you are thinking of Homeschooling, or are learning more about it, I will be posting to this category periodically as we embark on this new journey! 

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