Monday, March 28, 2011

Sick Day

 It's always so lovely when the sick day arrives. I find it fortunate, today, that it's not the throw-up, bowl-on-the-couch kind of sick, but I still feel bad for my adorable Munchkin. We woke up at 5am to the littlest one crying, ready for her early morning breakfast (at 8 months I thought, by now, early morning would mean 8am...). When I went in to grab her, big sister decided now was a good time to tell me she needed new pants, because she decided to go to the bathroom by herself this morning when the sickness overtook her little being. 

 "To wake up daddy... or not to wake up daddy?..." Was the first of my many questions of the day. (I usually average about 1,352,122 of those "ask yourself before you bother someone else" type of questions).

When I realized there was NO WAY that it was possible to nurse a near-toddler, and give a 3-year-old a bath at the same time, 
I reluctantly awoke my knight. in. shining. armor, who gave Little Miss Big Girl her bath.

 This is the same guy who hunkered down with our two daughters, 
for about 4 hours, on his Saturday so that I could go to thrift heaven, then again on Sunday after church, so I could go to a Mary Kay party. He truly is the man of my dreams, who has racked up about 3 days of credit (on my watch)!

Today's To- Do's:

  •    Take care of Sicky
  •    Take care of Sicky's sister
  •    Tidy up the Living Room and Playroom
  •    Hopefully do some dishes
  •    Maybe put real clothes on 
  •    Get dinner ready for daddy
  •    Say a prayer of thanks for my beautiful babes, sick or not!

Crafty Ambitions (not for today):

  • Business Card Holders
  • Complete one Owl Pillow (part of a little idea I have going, but for the life of me can not figure out)
  • Something with this Beautiful fabric-


*Oh yes, and a craft room of my very own!

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