Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So Blessed

O.k. I think I'm done venting! I have been looking around, at all of the beautiful gifts in my life. I have a wonderful, hard-working husband, who loves that I stay home with our children. He supports me in every way, and even helps out with the chores (even though I should be the one getting them done, since I do stay home). I have two beautiful daughters, and one lovely precious child on the way. We both were born to Christian parents, and have loving families. We have two working vehicles, and a lovely comfortable home. I also have a wonderful little baby girl who I take care of part-time. My Grandmother was just finally able to move back home, after being in Tennessee for 11 years. And when it comes to Christmas plans, we always have trouble deciding where to go, because we have so much family to celebrate with. When I look at my life, really look at it, raw, and unhindered, all obstacles aside; I can say that I am truly blessed. My hubby was trying to find his nacho cheese in the fridge today, and he said, "there's too much food, I can't find it anywhere". Then we looked at each other, and talked about what a wonderful blessing it is to have a fridge full of food, and cupboards bursting at the brim. We are truly and wonderfully blessed. But most of all, we were given the gift of a little babe. One who had been promised to the world long before, but chose to come int he most fragile, vulnerable, beautiful form; that of an infant. What a wonderful gift, and because He was sent to bear all of my sin, I now have eternal life with Him. What a beautiful blessing. So long as I remember Him, and put Him first, everything else falls away. The schedule changes, the rushing around, the laundry, the never-ending chores, they become lovely tasks sent from my maker, and if I remember Him in each of them, they are sure to be more of a blessing than anything else.
Thank you Father for this beautiful day, for your provision in my life, and not just monetarily. You never cease to amaze me. You are Beautiful, and what an abundant joy it is to serve you. I love you Lord. Please be with me this day, and help me to complete each of my tasks, as unto you. That you could shine down upon me, with pride, and with delight. Thank you. Amen.

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