Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One Line Changes it All

It's true. One line changes everything. It means one more set of feet, one more snuggly little fuzzy head, and one more precious set of kissable lips. It means most likely being up every two hours in the night for at least a month, and it means the difference between one line and two. If you haven't figured it out, I'm pregnant! I'm not exactly sure all the feelings I'm having... mostly shock, but not because I didn't think that I would become pregnant, mostly shock that there is actually another little person inside of me. I look at my daughters, and think of the joy and reward they bring; and there is another bundle of sweet love in my womb; growing and becoming whomever God is creating them to be. I'm so amazed. 

Well, that's the sweet side of things. The craziness of having three, and the whole thought of how in the world am I going to do it hasn't really hit me yet. I'm sure that will become real more around the end of the second trimester. It's all so surreal right now. I am just basking in the beauty of life and the beauty in God's creation. He is amazing, and whatever He chooses for this little person I know will be divine, as only godly things are. I will love this baby, I will be there for this baby the same way I am for my other two. I will encourage this baby, and just like I tell his/her sisters, God has a plan for their life, and I will do my best to help them blossom into that role. I will stay committed to loving them enough to discipline them. I will be consistent and follow through, and I will look for every opportunity to teach them about their maker, and the beauty and peace there is in serving Him. I will love them all of my life, and I will do my best while they are in my home to prepare them for the work God has in store for them; and when they leave, I pray it will be as an arrow shooting forth from Omar and my bow, straight for God's will. 

So.... "I love you little peanut, and I'm excited and blessed to be your mamma."

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  1. Congratulations! I stumbled upon your nair story and can relate :). I have 3 and they are wonderful!!