Thursday, June 13, 2013

Getting Away

Oh Happy Day! 

My husband Omar and I are getting awayyy from it allll. :) 

We are leaving tomorrow morning, dropping all three girls off at my Mamma's (thanks a million "Mamaw"), then we are off on a 6 hour journey to this beautiful location!

OMGoodness! I CAN. NOT. WAIT. .... Errr, I mean, I will miss our children so very badly, and I will be thinking of them the whole while. (wink). NOT! Bwahaha. Just kidding. Was that mean?

So, a while back my husband and I were listening to one of our favorite family radio programs
 Family Life Today, when we heard this broadcast: Getting Away to Get It Together. Our married life shall never be the same! Since listening to this broadcast we have successfully been away twice a year for two years in a row now. The best time being the time that my kids got the flu at my mom's, and I ended up with it on our trip. This year, two of our girls have pink eye. What was that mom? Oh no... that's not goop, that's cheese from breakfast... "Run Omar! Run!".  I absolutely adore this special time with my man, and sometimes, when I'm having really bad days I just think in my head, "Just make it to the get away, just make it to the get away...etc". Now, it's tomorrow, and I'm so excited!!!!! Can you tell?

On that note, as organized as I am, I have to go pack now- for everybody. :0) I

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