Wednesday, August 24, 2011

.... Still doing the Dave Ramsey

Yikers! I haven't been on here in a LLLOOONNNGGG time! Woops.

Well, for an update, we are doing pretty well! Big Sis is growing like a weed, and Little Sis has finally hit my least favorite toddler stage. You know, the one where they fall down 98% of the time, and wind up with some sort of fierce wound somewhere on their little body. Yah, I'm not a huge fan of this stage, but I guess we all have to go through it at some point. I have had two sewing machines poop out on me, and so my wicked awesome cousin has lent me the one my wonderful Grandma gave to her before she passed. I'm really excited to get back into making things!! I'll let you know when I start. (Sometime after I do the literal mountain of dishes, and piles of laundry in my house).  I feel so unproductive when I'm not making at least one thing! The Hub Bub is doing great at work, and loving it! Yay Babe!! He's such a keeper, I'm so glad I landed me a good one!

After much prayer and consideration, I have re-opened my child care. It was a really hard decision, until I gave it over to God. I feel like I should insert a big- DUH!- here. What do you know, the very next day I got a phone call that fit perfectly with what I was looking for, and have been watching the cutest little bumble baby the past two weeks. Only two days a week, and her mamma is wonderful to work with, so it's been really awesome! Here's to paying down some debt, and gettin' my baby fix!! Woot Woot! Dave Ramsey would be so proud. P.S. My husband is the Dave Ramsey natzi (even though he's filipino). I don't get away with ANYTHING (not even sneaking a caramel frappucino). Which is quite hilarious seeing as I was the one who signed us up for the stinkin' Dave Ramsey class in the first place, and he was the one who didn't want to go. Seems as though we've switched roles a bit. However, I am completely excited that he's in it for the long haul, and we are going to SMACK-DOWN the nasty bills that so delicately piled up a midst my hubby's lay off.

So, I forgot that in doing daycare, there are annual costs, which need to be paid to keep in good standing with the licensing department. Once we have cleared out of that- roughly $587, which I will make in about 1.6 months (<---- ha ha, this is me doing math), then we can start working toward our $1000 emergency fund- baby step 1. However, we will most likely begin building our emergency fund before that, as one of the daycare costs is broken down into monthly installments, which will leave room for "left-overs" for the emergency fund. It's really hard to be dedicated to this for me right now. Especially since I just started realizing that I really want to make my house into a home. Again "we will live like no one else now, so we can live like no one else later".

Do you want to know our real inspiration behind sticking to this? Well, aside from the Bible (which is clearly explained in one of Dave Ramsey's seminar dvd's), and aside from the "idea" of only having a mortgage payment, and no other debt, and aside from being able to send our kids to college, and aside from having a nest egg in case one of us passes away, and aside.... (get it?). Well, aside from all of that, we have a deep burning to go into the ministry full-time someday. Which, as most people know, does not pay what it should. Which, at this point in time might be pretty impossible for us to do without having side jobs. So, when everything else isn't worth it enough to not get my caramel frap, I think of wanting to be free to do God's work, and not living a life of work work working, all because I couldn't control my spending. You see? It really will be wonderful. It just seems so far away. 

Well, I've rambled again, but I am a rambler baby! :) 
Hopefully I will write again soon, until then, maybe you should join the fun and do the Dave Ramsey to. 

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