Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stinkin' Vanity... and Worship

Hello There.

How is your Sunday? Restful, I hope. :)
So, I made a dumb, dumb, dumb mistake this weekend. It was the kind of mistake you know you probably shouldn't go forth with before you start, but you do anyways. You know, like cutting your bangs on a weird impulse, or painting your toenails in the car with the most hideous color, or brushing your curls out just before pictures. That kind of a mistake. Well, I was up close to the mirror (never a good idea, I definitely do not recommend that). I gazed at myself, and realized that my mustachio has regrown. Now, it is not a nasty 'stach like a manstach, or anything like that. It just looks slightly like lobster claws at the corner of my lips, and to me, it is very noticeable. Then again, I was an inch from the mirror. I had an idea- (this is when my husband usually teases me and says, "well, there's a first time for everything", and then I probably slap his arm, and tell him he's bad, and we laugh). I looked in my medicine cabinet, in search of what I knew I had, yes, there it was, my nair. Specifically designed for the upper lip. Now, I have used this in the past successfully, and then I have used it and fried my lip. This time, I decided, I would leave it on for a short period of time (unaware of where the instructions were), and then I would wipe it away immediately at the first signs of any sting. So I put it on. I started counting ( I really don't know why), and at 5 felt the burn. But this was much too soon, the burn shouldn't happen until 30, but it was burning now... hmm. So, I just let it burn for 25 more seconds and wiped it off. Basically, I have slept with A+D on my burnt upper lip for the past two nights, and now have two scaly patches where my lobster claws still remain. Lesson learned.. 'Don't ever use 3 year old nair', and 'Don't ever use nair when you can't find the instructions'.

Secondly, I lead worship on Monday nights for this really awesome ministry that my husband and I are currently in charge of. The crowd who attends varies, mostly in numbers (which we are doing our best not to focus on, as the numbers have been very low). I will say that the crowd is most 38+ in age. I have been really into contemporary Worship, such as Hillsong, and Kari Jobe, and Shane and Shane... etc. However, in leading these songs, I have realized that they are not striking the right chord with this group. My heart is really to lead them into worship that they can really sing out to God in a connected, joyous way. I want them to relate to the songs. I want them to feel as though they are able to pour out their everything with the words they are singing, and I just know it's not happening. How can you pour your heart out when the words you are singing are unfamiliar to you?

I have decided that this week we are going old school. The songs I have selected are not necessarily MY favorite songs in the world, but they do have really powerful messages behind them, and they are more in line with the popular songs of our attendees' "glory days" shall I say? I hope and pray that this will allow them a much easier and focused time of worship. Where they can lay everything else aside, and just come before His throne to praise Him.

That's about it I think. So, tomorrow I will be leading Old School worship with my lobster claw patchy skin. :) I'm so glad that God doesn't care what we look like. He cares about our hearts. Remember that.

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